URGENT: If you are booking cab for today, tomorrow, Please Call +917023263333 or +918290752040 & Check Vehicle Availability Before Booking!You can pay through Credit Cards / Debit Cards / Net Banking.International Credit / Debit Cards are also accepted.

Booking Status

Under Process:

It means all the details required from Client are complete and Admin need to change status to Approved.

Pending Customer Verification:

It means OTP Verification from Client is pending. Once Client provides OTP Verification, the admin will approve the booking. The Admin can also call the Customer and once satisfied that Client is genuine, he can approve the Customer.


It means Booking is ready and we can send car to this customer as all details are correct, as well as customer is verified.

Pending Payment Verification:

This option should be auto-selected if Customer enters all the details on the booking page and is-redirected to Payment Gateway but fails to make payment due to any reason and comes back to thank you page / or closes the payment page during checkout / or any other reason.


It means the booking is COMPLETE. No further active required at booking end.

Payment Status

Advance/Half Paid:

It means customer has paid an advance for the booking.

Fully Paid:

It means customer has paid full amount for the booking.

No Advance:

It means customer has paid nothing for the booking.

Customer Status


It means Customer is genuine and verified through OTP / Phone Call, etc.


It means Customer verification is still pending.

This scenario is in place when he forgets to enter OTP, by-pass OTP, etc.

No Advance:

It means customer has paid nothing for the booking.

Trip Status


It means all details of the booking are ready and below3 points are met.

  • Booking Status:Approved.

  • Payment Status:Any option from above 3 points..

  • Customer Status:Verified.

Trip status will not be Upcoming if any of above points are not met.


It means booking is cancelled. No further action needed on booking part.


It means booking is complete.